College & career

The College and Career Ministry at Sharon is for young adults 18 (graduated from high school) to 30 who are single. The group meets for meals, socials, and bible studies on a regular basis. 

Click this link to update your contact information Registration Form On-line (2017-18):

Consent Form to Participate in Trips/Events:  Student_Eighteen_Consent_Form.pdf

To connect with us, visit our Facebook group and request an invite!

Contact Donny Gordon, our Young Adults Leader for more info & ask him to add you to the "Group Me" messages for this ministry!


Join us on Monday evenings @ 7 PM @ Donny/Megan Gordon's home.  This is a time to hang out, fun activities, Bible study, share, accountability, etc.  If you would like to be a part of the "Group Me" so you can be reminded about this weekly reconnect time or other College/Career Group activities, contact him as listed above.


9:50 am Bible Study in Room B-123 (following the church schedule, taking a break during the summer months) with Becky Montgomery; 11:00 am Worship Service in the Auditorium


Following the church schedule (takes a break in the summer months) 

5:00-6:15pm - Food & Fellowship Supper in the Warehouse. Cost is $5. Make your reservation at this link:

7-8:00 pm:

Connection Classes - See Web Site for Schedule