Book of James Bible Study

Book of James Bible Study 3/6/22 – 6/5/22.
The study will take place every Sunday at 9:45 am (except Easter Sunday)

Based on Chuck Swindoll’s book Insights on James, 1&2 Peter.

James and Peter wrote their letters to believers scattered throughout the first-century Roman world. Jewish and Gentile alike, they were battered and bruised, struggling to persevere through hardship, maintain good works, promote peace in their churches, and live patiently in anticipation of the Lord’s return. James wrote to Jewish Christians struggling to walk in the way of Jesus. His letter is a strong exhortation to an authentic faith―a faith that produces genuine works. Peter’s audience too was in dire need of comfort. In his first book, Peter offers a message of hope to those living as exiles yet chosen by God. Over and over Peter reminds them of the foundation of their hope―Christ Himself. Peter’s second letter reads like a last will and testament to believers of every generation―a rapid-fire, urgent reminder warning against false doctrine and moral compromise in the last days. Together, James and Peter offer a compelling portrait of authentic faith.

From the back of the book

Books will be provided by Church. If you’d like to let us know you’re coming. If you’ll be unable to attend but would like to follow along you can purchase the book and read along with us.

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